About Savannahs

About savannah

The savannah cat is one of the newest cat breeds.They are a hybrid cat breed based on domestic pairings with african serval cats .Not all servals will mate with a domestic cat which makes it difficult to produce the F-1 savannah foundation .In the wild female servals choose their mate , F-1 female savannah’s copy this behavior.Male savannah’s are sterile until the 5th generation and are smaller in size compared to the F-1 females . This makes it hard for mating and difficult to produce the F-2 generation savannah’s . Savannah’s have life span of 12-20 years. They are taller and longer bodies than the domestic cat . The early generation savannah males will be considerably larger than the females .The farther removed a savannah cat becomes from its african serval roots ,the fewer ‘Wild” tenancies it will exhibit .Most early generation savannah’s prefer not to be held for a prolonged period of time .Their preference is to be near their humans .They tend to get along with dogs and other cats.They enjoy playing fetch and love giving head- butts , That is their way of showing affection . Savannah’s are very intelligent and active pets .Their is nothing more beautiful and cool than having your own mini cheetah . These cats must be carefully placed with individuals or families that have researched how to prepare and handle the early generation savannah’s F-1 & F-2 .These hybrid cats are very close to their wild predecessors . Please check you’re local city and state laws to see if owning a savannah is legal where you live www.Hybridlaw.com

F-1 Generation

  • * 14-25 pounds
  • * 50 % to 75 % serval blood
  • * litters are small, low fertility
  • * Price 15,000- 22,000
F-2 Generation

  • *12-25 pounds
  • *25%- 35% serval blood
  • *litters are small, low fertility
  • * Price 5,000-10,000
F-3 Generation

  • *10-25 pounds
  • *12% -18% serval blood
  • *moderate litters, medium fertility

It is generally accepted that F-3 savannah’s make excellent pets for homes with children