Advice on Looking for a Serval Cat for Sale

Advice on Looking for a Serval Cat for Sale

here is some advice on looking for a Serval Cat for sale, while millions of people are pet owners and have a dog, house cat, fish, birds or even reptiles, there are many others like you that long to have a more exotic pet. You want something that is completely out of the ordinary from the standard pets you see, but you still want something that is friendly, that you can interact with and that will enjoy your company. There are a lot of different unique and special animals and breeds out there today, and many people have been taking a close look at the African serval as a pet. If you are interested in looking for a serval cat for sale, there is some advice you may want to follow first to see if it is something for you.

The Legalities Involved

The first thing you want to do before you even consider starting to look for a serval is to make sure it is legal to own one in the state you live in. In many states, servals are not legal, so you want to check your area to see if it is allowed, There are some states, such as Arizona, Texas, Pennsylvania and others where you can own a serval but first must obtain a license to have one in your home. Other states, such as North Carolina, South Carolina, Nevada and others do not require any license at all for a serval. Make sure ownership is legal in your state before you make an investment of time and money.

Knowing about Servals

When you look at a serval cat for sale, it is a good idea to have some information about what type of animal it is before you decide if it is right for you. Servals are wild African cats, and though they are quite beautiful and not known to be aggressive, they are still classified as a wild animal. Servals can be difficult to train and own, and they are not like having a typical domestic house cat. They are much larger than a typical cat as well, so you need to make sure you have the space to accommodate them properly and safely.

Choose a Savannah Instead

If you have looked into a serval cat for sale and decided it may not be for you but like the beauty of the animal, why not consider getting a Savannah cat instead? Savannahs are a hybrid of a serval and a domestic cat so that they have the beautiful markings and looks of a serval with the temperament and friendliness you want. If you are interested in learning more about Savannahs, see our website at Savannah Cats of Hollywood at or give us call at 831-235-9758.

Advice on Looking for a Serval Cat for Sale