Kitten leash training -Should You Train Your Cat?

Kitten Leash Training

It’s not every day that you see a cat on a leash. This sight is a delight but also perplexing. Walking a cat on a leash isn’t a gimmick. In fact, a lot of felines find it enjoyable when they spend outside with their owners while they relish listening to the sounds of the birds chirping and smelling the scent of grass. This activity strengthens the bond between a cat and its owner. So, yes, leashes are not just for dogs. But they’re also for cats. Hence, you can now find several clinics offering kitten leash training.

Should All Cats Walk on a Leash?

Not all of them would want to, but every cat must be given the said opportunity. It provides a more enriched live as it can go outside, smell things and see things. After it underwent a kitten leash training, your pet can go out for a walk, and it will use its brain in a more thoughtful way, rather than just prowling in your apartment. A bonus is that you and your pet will be exercising.

Transforming a Scared Cat into a Cool One

Most cats don’t have confidence. But they can gain it when they are leashed trained. As soon as they start to explore their surroundings, they can be more comfortable in their lives.

Train Indoors First

Before your pet goes out for a kitten leash training, make sure that you train it indoors first. It’s crucial to begin its training inside. Purchase the harness and leave it inside for your cat to play. In that way, it gets familiarized with it. Then, start strapping your cat in the harness. Choose a harness that properly fits your cat. Allow your cat to use it around the house. Make sure that it gets accustomed to the harness before letting it go out with it. During the first few days of your cat wearing the harness, reward it with treats.


Before you head outdoors, your pet must be comfortable on its harness. The first outdoor space that it should explore is the one with a fence. It must not be filled with stimuli. It should be a remote place without people and loud noises that can be overwhelming to your cat. Once it’s comfortable on the leash, try walking together in a place where there are people.

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Train Your Cat

Some cats will wait by the door. They run out once the door is open. Thus, train your cat not to go outside when it’s not in the harness. Kitten leash training is useful when you travel a lot. It’s also beneficial for emergencies.