Savannah Care



* Cat food, All cats & kittens at Savannah Cats of Hollywood eat high quality premium dry food from Evo. Sudden changes in food are not recommended during the first month. If you choose to alter your kittens diet you MUST transition to the new food (over the course of 2-3 weeks) gradually by adding the new food and reducing the old food.

Raw diets are not required for savannah’s but that will be left up to you .

  • *Large litter box- I recommend a large litter box as well as multiple litter boxes around the house
  • *We always recommend natural litter: walnut, pine or paper pellets
  • *Water & food bowls
  • * Rubber waterproof food matt
  • *Cat climber – small to medium size until kitten is fully mature to help reduce injuries
  • *Cat bed
  • *Treats
  • *Cat scratcher
  • *Cat feather wand and toys – check your local pet store for anti-swallow enrichment toys
  • *Harness -If you decide to leash train ,place harness on kitten and walk kitten inside before taking your kitten outside -please make sure your kitten has had all It’s vaccinations

The change of environment from our home to the home of your new kitty can be stressful. Beyond the travel or flight to get to you, they are leaving the only HOME that they have ever known. These stress factors may compromise the kitten’s immune system AND cause issues such as runny eyes/nose or loose stool for a few days.
Following are STEPS that will help ease the transition for your kitten as well as things you shouldn’t do when getting them settled in.

Preparing for your kitten’s arrival

  • *Make sure any toxic plants in the home are removed or out of reach
  • *Prepare an area in a confined room or bathroom for your kittens litter box, toys ,food and water

Kitten Arrives

    • *Place carrier on floor in the kittens room and allow to come out on his/her own time, can be coaxed out with a feather toy
    • * Place kitten in litter box and show where food and water is. Food and water should be available at all times to your kitten, monitor to make sure your kitten is eating and drinking enough
    • *The kitten should be quarantined, away from other animals until examined by YOUR veterinarian, recommended vet visit should be after one week
    • * Allow your kitten to explore it’s surroundings THAT you have created. Slowly introduce other AREAS of your home over time. kitten should not have free roam of the house
    • *Feather toys should always be played with under supervision ,they can get stuck in throat if eaten
    • * It can take 2-3 weeks for your kitten to bond with you. remember to spend LOTS OF TIME with your new kitten who will be missing his/hers mommy and siblings
    • *Provide lots of environmental enrichments for your kitten

Please feel free to contact us regarding any concerns or questions you may have.