The Benefits of Micro chipping Your Cat

How Micro chipping Is Important?

It’s traumatic and tragic to lose your pet. You may protect your pets using collars and ID tags. However, they’re not foolproof as your pets can still get lost. Collars are also not ideal as they can easily break. Losing your cat or dog can be prevented using micro chipping.

How Micro chipping Works?

Microchips are implanted in your pet’s skin using a needle and syringe. They contain a unique identification number that can help you reunite with your lost pet. They don’t break or fall off, unlike ID tags. Microchips receive a radio signal from a scanner. The signal is transmitted and encoded back to the scanner. With the unique identification number, the vital information of your pet is just a phone call away. It’s easy to microchip your pet, so there’s no excuse not to do it.

Is It Painful?

It only takes a few seconds to implant the microchips. The procedure is safe and straightforward. Some puppies and kittens may yelp when the chip is implanted. But the pain is short-lived. They can forget about it quickly. The discomfort is nothing compared to the benefits of micro chipping. Any pain outweighs the advantages that micro chipping can offer.

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When Should You Microchip Your Pets?

You must microchip them before purchasing or adopting your pets. One of its reasons is that you can easily trace their origin. But it can be done anytime. Make sure that the microchips are implanted at a veterinary’s clinic or in a local council and animal welfare organization. Several studies support the benefits of micro chipping. Dogs, cats and other animals with microchips are more likely to be reunited with their owners than pets without microchips. In a study, it’s revealed that cats with microchips are 20 times more likely to return home than cats without chips. Dogs, on the other hand, are 2.5 times more likely to be returned home when they get lost if they have microchips. Microchips have reunited hundreds of pets with their owners. For them to work, you must register the chip and keep the contact information updated. Even though chips are reliable, they can be useless if the information you provide is not accurate. Thus, make sure that you update the information in case your dogs or cats get lost while you’re away. Make sure that your pet has a microchip. In case it gets lost, you can find it easily. If you would like more information make sure to visit our website at

The Benefits of Micro Chipping Your Cat